MTF 2021 Experience Sessions

The MTF 2021 Experience Sessions

February 25, 2020

Sanon Restaurant

Sanon Restaurant offers and serves contemporary Burmese cuisine where all guests can experience their tapas-style menu of creative cuisine to truly traditional dishes, refreshing smoothies & cocktails. Sanon Restaurant is a not-for-profit social enterprise for disadvantaged youths serving modern Burmese fusion cuisine operated by the Myanmar Youth Development Institute (MYDI). The restaurant is also a training restaurant for marginalised as well as changing lives and building futures for Myanmar youth where its intention is to employ all Burmese staff to help encourage the development of local skills and expertise and support the local community.

Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) River Cruise


One of the best memorable ways to immerse Bagan is to experience a 2 or 3 hr boat excursion along Irrawaddy River. Fascinating stops at riverside villages allow all guests to see village life and witness the donation of aims to monks. In the late afternoon, the most beautiful scenic which you can ever experience with a scenic boat ride is to enjoy the panorama view of temples on the Ayeyarwady river and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

Nanda Restaurant

Photo: Chase Chisholm

Nanda Restaurant is a short way along the road to Nyaung U, offering good food in congenial surroundings. The Nanda is also well known for the good puppet show. Nandar Restaurant contributes to the night life in Bagan by providing a different kind of entertainment. Those who are fortunate enough to go to the ancient city can catch traditional puppet shows here. Aside from the shows, patrons also get to enjoy good food and nice surroundings.

The restaurant offers great Burmese selections to choose from but also off Thai and other dishes. Numerous soups, vegetable and meat dishes as well as salads can be enjoyed. Good selection for drinks, fresh juices and tea. Also, they have some of the coldest beer (Myanmar or Tiger) in town. This is a big deal as no one wants a warm lager.

Lacquerware Factory

The lacquer takes its roots in China it there has a few three thousand years, and then developed in all the Southeast Asia. In Myanmar, the origins of the lacquer seems to come from Bagan about 12th – 13th century. One of the oldest lacquers was indeed discovered in the pagoda Mingalazedi, one of the built last with Bagan (at the 13th century). Always it is that it is in Bagan that the manufacture of the lacquers acquired its letters of nobility. 

All guests can enjoy to visit the showroom displaying both traditional and modern pieces of the best items sell such as cups, ashtrays to vases, jewelry boxes and furniture (lacquer tables and chairs). In addition, all guests will see from proprietors on how the lacquer is made during the factory visit.

Toddy and Palm Sugar

Central Myanmar is famous for growing toddy palm trees. The sweet sap is extracted from the toddy palm tree by climbing the palm tree using long ladders. The sap is then cooked for 2 hours until it settles down and becomes a paste. The end product is a sweet and healthy alternative to sugar. All guests can observe this process while visiting any local village and also taste the delicious end product.

Bagan Visitor Information Center

Photo: Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office

Bagan Information Center was established in Old Bagan, the historical core of Myanmar. Since the existing structure is located in the heritage area, minimal impacts to the surrounding environment is necessary. For the implementation, various performance improvements of the facility were achieved while maximizing preservation of the appearance of the structure.

Through exhibitions, seminars and transmission of information related to Bagan, it is expected to be used not only by domestic and foreign tourists, but also by local communities.